In politics, there is nothing more important than working for the common good of one’s state and country.

Building a Better Future, Today     Me

As the New Hampshire Teacher of the Year (2000), Milford resident for 31 years, and long-time community activist, I have dedicated myself to my family, students, and neighbors. I look forward to bringing the same commitment to the state legislature on behalf of our common values.

Political debate has increasingly become too divisive and mean-spirited. Now is the time to put politics aside and begin working to meet the needs of the people.

 We can disagree without being disagreeable.

Priorities …

When considering our priorities, we must always ask,
“Is this good for New Hampshire?”

  • Working together, common goals, and solutions
  • Property Tax Relief
  • Equal rights for all, without prejudice
    • Voting rights
    • Civil liberties
    • Workers’ rights
  • Education, equitable and affordable
    • K-12 
    • Community and State Colleges
  • Gun Safety Measures
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Affordable Health Care
    • Mental Health
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Working Together, Common Goals, Solutions

I believe in open-mindedness and honest discussion. I will not support or dismiss an idea because it was proposed by any one party without careful consideration.

I believe in government that works to support the core human principles of “life and liberty” and “a sound mind and body.” Along these lines, my focus in the legislature will be on the economy, education, public safety, and health care.minimum wage

Property Tax Relief

New Hampshire’s property taxes are the third highest in the nation and have been rising faster than the rate of inflation. The problem, in part, is due to the downshifting of costs from the state to the towns. What happens as property taxes go up but paychecks don’t? People on fixed incomes are being priced out of their homes.

Equal Rights

We must safeguard both “life and liberty” ensuring that a careful balance between both is met. As the old saying goes, “My freedom ends where your nose begins.”

I strongly believe in and will defend the civil liberties of all citizens, without prejudice. There is nothing more basic to the American way of life than “Liberty and justice for all.”school funding 2


In matters of education, I will work to establish policies that foster critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and practical skills for meaningful employment in a constantly changing economy. Quality education is the only means to move individuals and society forward. No child in New Hampshire should be “left behind” because of inadequate funding in their respective school districts. Equitable K- 12 public education as well as affordable and expanded community and state colleges is a priority.state college

Gun Safety

Responsible gun owners support measures to limit the misuse of the Second Amendment. I also support common sense gun safety measures. We cannot continue to ignore the carnage of gun violence. I believe in the licensing, registration, and regulation of firearms similar to that of automobiles. Nobody fears that their cars will be taken away.

Affordable Health Care

The principle of “a sound mind and body” can only be achieved when individuals have access to affordable health care. I will support measures that bring down the cost of health care, expands coverage, includes mental health, suicide prevention, and battles drug and alcohol addiction.

Veterans Affairs

We can never do enough to honor our brave veterans for their loyal service to our country.

thank you, veteransthe unknown soldier

Is this Good for New Hampshire?

The values I speak of ensure personal liberties and freedom for all citizens, with opportunities to build safe, healthy, successful, and independent living, while moving New Hampshire forward.

New Hampshire already ranks at the very top of most measures of livability. The key is to build on our success and expand opportunities for all of our citizens.

The Future Begins Today.
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